Tween Girl Birthday Party Idea: Pink Skull Birthday Blowout

Published: 15th February 2011
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Good tween birthday party ideas may seem difficult to find. Your little princess is at the inbetween place in which she is too old for a cartoon character themed birthday celebration but she still wants a theme party. This is enough to drive most parents mad, right? So, exactly how do you throw her a party that she will not be embarrassed by but still ensure it is not hard on you? You should look at a pink skull birthday party. Skulls are dangerous and popular. It isn't the soft, lovable little cuddly Disney cartoon figures that she knew as a kid. This is exactly why this theme is so great for tween girls. Here's a few cool tips to make it easier to plan a good one.

Consider A Sleepover

Odds are your tween daughter will almost certainly want to have a sleepover party which works out to your advantage. It's likely that she's not going to wish to have a bash that starts and stops at certain times...that is for kids. Have some pink blankets for your guests or pink pillow cases. Try to find some pirate flags and hang them throughout the party area. Another thing you can do is to pop in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean to create the atmosphere for your sleepover. Why not consider serving a pepperoni pizza with the pepperoni designed in the form of a skull and crossbones?'s time to get those creative juices moving!

Cookies, Cupcakes and Cakes

Make sure that you carry your pink skull theme all the way through to the desert! Go on the web and print out a copy of the jolly roger (skull and crossbones) symbol. Make certain you size this to your desert whether it be a birthday cake, cupcakes or cookies. Cut out the skull and crossbones and place it on top of your frosted cake or cupcakes. Next using a toothpick it is easy to trace around the outline of the design. Lift off the paper and you've got a skull and crossbones template. You can easily fill it in with icing or use pink crystallized sugars to really carry out your theme.

Want to make skull and crossbones cookies? You can use this outline tracing strategy to make unique birthday cookies too. Simply roll out some sugar cookie dough and put your template down on top of it. Hold your template steady with one hand and then work with a toothpick to carefully trace your outlined shape on the cookie dough. Work with a sharp knife to slice around your template for unique shaped cookies your tween will definitely die for! Decorate your cookies with icing and colored crystallized sugars.

Party Colors And Party Supplies

Pink skull parties are just You can include white and black into there as well along with rhinestones. Naturally young ladies love glistening things! Carry these hues all the way through your party space. Get some pink plates, black cups and white forks to eat the desert with. Grab yourself some balloons in black, pink or white and hang them all over your party area. Make sure you remember about the table coverings too and the streamers. The more wacky you go, the better your bash will be and also the happier you'll make your tween daughter.

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